Yuliya Galkina naked photos


Leaked sexy photos of Yuliya Galkina – Russian cinema actress.

Yuliya was born in 1984 in Kursk. She studied at School-studio MHAT. Also she has a second high education – creative psychology.
It is worth mentioning that the girl has a great track record in TV series. So, for example, she played Alyna in «Insomnia» series.

Private nude photos of Julia Galkina

Over the course of her career, this lovely actress has undressed many times in films and TV shows. Also there are many erotic scenes with Yuliya in her underwear. But there were also such roles where you can see completely naked Julia Galkin. For example, this film «Kisses of fallen angels». But she’s not just naked there, she’s having hot sex with actor Yevgeny Sidihin. By the way, in the same film you can see the naked actress Lubov Tollina. In addition, the girl lit up her bare chest and butt in «Wake Up Together».

As for erotic photo shoots for men’s magazines like Playboy or Maxim, Galkina does not yet have them. But we assure you that the hot photos we have collected for you below will not leave you indifferent.


Юлия Галкина бюст

торчащие соски Юлии Галкиной

Юлия Галкина в голом платье

Юлия Галкина без лифчика

Юлия Галкина голая

Юлия Галкина в трусиках

обнаженная Юлия Галкина

Юлия Галкина в лифчике

Юлия Галкина декольте

Юлия Галкина в купальнике

Юлия Галкина в бикини


голая попка Юлии Галкиной

Юлия Галкина с голой грудью


голая Юлия Галкина

Юлия Галкина с голой жопой

Юлия Галкина снимает лифчик

Юлия Галкина в нижнем белье

голая грудь Юлии Галкиной

Юлия Галкина секс

сцена секса с Юлией Галкиной

Юлия Галкина в стрингах


Юлия Галкина в белье

Юлия Галкина в нижнем белье


Юлия Галкина обнажила грудь

Юлия Галкина бюст



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