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               Василиса Измайлова голая

Sex scenes with naked Vasilisa Izmailova – young Russian actress from «The Scythian» movie.
A young celebrity was born in August 1997 in Moscow. The girl started to show her artistic talents from an early age. She graduated from music school with a piano class in parallel with the general education school. In 2014, Vasilisa entered the MHAT School Studio. At the same time, she was performing on the stage of the theater. Also she was playing in the film during education. The debut on the big screen took place in the picture «Clean football». But the wide publicity came to Vasilisa after one of the main roles in the film «Scythian».

Hot photos with naked Vasilisa Izmailova

So far the young star has only 7 films and serials. Among the latter, the role of Viola Elagina in «Catherine. Impostors» series. Her partners in the latest project are actresses Marina Alexandrova and Alina Tomnikova.

Unfortunately, the young girl has no erotic photos for men’s magazines for today. In addition, she has virtually no sex scenes on her screen. However, we found some hot photos posing for a sexy star. But we hope that we will see many movies and serials with this hot star in the near future. And there Vasilisa Izmailova will appears fully naked.

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