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Olga was born in 1992, in the capital of Russia. She made the decision to become an actress in high school. After that she began to prepare for entering the Shchepkin’s University. Olga got her diploma in 2014. But the debut on the big screen took place during study. Her first role was in the series «Univer. New Dormitory» on the TNT channel. The next project — the comedy sitcom «Ivanovo-Ivanovo» on the STS-channel. The actress has about 20 roles on the big screen for today. Among other works one can distinguish «Hotel Eleon», «Call Dicaprio», «Step», «On different shores» and «Call-center».

Naked Olga Venikova private photos

The nude Venikova can be seen in the many erotic scenes of «Hotel Eleon» series. She appeared in sexy underwear in some episodes. In other scenes the girl danced a passionate pole striptease. Additionally, here was a small sex scene in «Ivanovs». But we also managed to find erotic photo shoots of the stars. All these and other hot photos with naked Olga Venikova, see below.

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