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Leaked sexy photos of Irina Vilkova Russian actress from «Policeman form the Rublevka».

This hot and daring brunette was born in 1986. As a child, she attended classes in the theater studio «Youth». Also Irina played in the local dramatic theater from 11. Her first major roles were Maria in «The Nutcracker» and Anna in «The Cherry Garden». But the real fame came to her with «Policeman form the Rublevka» TV-series.

Naked Irina Vilkova private photos

In «Policeman form the Rublevka» the actress played the role of Vera. The teacher of Russian language and literature and the lover of Mukhich. There are no intimate scenes with this character in this series. But they are in «Her name was Mumu» film. There you will not only see the completely naked Irina Vilkova. There you will find a lot of the sex scenes with the young star. Actually, the film is full of various explicit scenes. And if anyone has not watched it so far, we recommend that time be set aside. Also, the erotic scenes were with the nude actress in the «Real Boys».

To this day, the celebrity has not yet been made for men’s magazines. But we think it’s all ahead of it. In the meantime, let’s take a look at a picture of naked Irina Vilkova from movies and TV shows.

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