Irina Soponaru naked photos

               Голая Ирина Сопонару

Private sexy photos of Iryna Soponaru – comedian and TV-presenter from Ukraine.

Ira was born in 1986, in Chernivtsi. Immediately after school graduation, she enrolled in the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology. It is worth mentioning that the future Ukrainian celebrity as a child very much liked KVN. And as soon as she became a student, she immediately asked to join the team «Shivrorot-nauvet». However, a great success awaited her in the team «Vinnytsky peppers». As part of the «Peppers» the girl has entered the Higher League of KVN, which is broadcast on the first channel.

After the KVN, she decided to become a comedian and participated in various stand-up shows. For example, it was often possible to see in TNT show «Do not sleep!». But in native Ukraine the star has also proved itself as an actress. For example, she co-starred with Anna Salivanchuk in «Once Under Poltava» series.

Leaks sex photos of Iryna Soponaru

In the January 2011 issue of the magazine «Maxim» appeared naked comedian from KVN. Among other nude girls there was also naked Soponaru. She posed in tiny pink thongs and tie. But we also found unofficial footage of this erotic photo shoot. In addition, we have supplemented our selection with personal intimate photos from the celebrity’s Instagram. For example, these are photos in underwear and bathing suit. All these and other hot photos of naked Irina Soponaro, see below.

Ирина Сопонару в журнале Максим

Ирина Сопонару фото Максим

голая Ирина Сопонару в Максим

голая грудь Ирины Сопонару

голая Ирина Сопонару

Ирина Сопонару засветила лобок

голая Ирина Сопонару показала грудь и лобок

Ирина Сопонару в стрингах

голая попа Ирины Сопонару в стрингах

Ирина Сопонару горячие фото

Ирина Сопонару в нижнем белье на сцене

голая Ирина Сопонару на сцене

Ирина Сопонару в образе сексуальной медсестры

секси Ирина Сопонару

Ирина Сопонару засветила чулки под белым халатом

Ирина Сопонару в купальнике

Ирина Сопонару голая

голые ножки Ирины Сопонару

Ирина Сопонару фото в купальнике

жопа Ирины Сопонару

горячие фото Ирины Сопонару в бикини

Ирина Сопонару в мини засветила ляжки

Ирина Сопонару в лифчике

молодая Ирина Сопонару в нижнем белье


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