Anna Salivanchuk nude photos

               Голая Анна Саливанчук

Hot leaked photos of Anna Salivanchuk – Russian and Ukrainian actress from «Swingers» movie.

On August 17, 1985, Anya started her life in Shepetovka. It is worth noting that the girl dreamed of becoming an actress from her childhood. Therefore, immediately after school, she entered the Kiev National University of Theatre, Film and Television. In 2006, just after graduation, the actress was accepted into the troupe of the academic drama theatre in Podol in Kiev.

A year later, the girl started acting on television. But the first roles were so episodic that she was not even credited. However, this changed in 2010, when the actress began playing more significant roles. For example, in the fourth season of «Svaty», she played the singer Hera, who sang the song «Alenkiy tsvetochek» («Scarlet flower»).

Naked photos of Anna Salivanchuk

Today, Ukrainian actress’s filmography has about 30 roles on screen. From the latter can be distinguished «Captured by lies», «Taste of happiness» and two parts «Swingers». By the way, in the last picture you can also see naked Olga Polyakova and Dasha Astafyeva.

This young actress doesn’t have a lot of roles yet. But then again, she already has sex scenes. For example, in the series «Grass under the snow» the star appeared in sexy underwear. But the hottest scenes were in the film Swingers. It was there that a naked Ukrainian celebrity lit up her large tits and gorgeous butt. In addition, we found other intimate photographs of the celebrity. Below you can see all the hot photos with Anna Salivanchuk naked.

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