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               Голая Анна Курникова

Private photos of naked Anna Kournikova – Russian tennis player and model.

Anna was born in Moscow in 1981. It is worth noting that the parents of the future tennis star are also athletes. For example, her father was a professional wrestler. And her mother was a tennis coach. Therefore, it is not surprising that the daughter followed in the footsteps of her parents and also became a professional athlete. At the same time, the girl’s career in sports began quite early and developed rapidly. For example, Anna began to play professional tennis at the age of 14. And a year later, the girl was recognized as the best newcomer to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). But a couple of years later, Kournikova made a breakthrough in her sports career and entered the top 20 most powerful tennis players in the world.

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The star completed her sports career in 2003, having received an injury. But her name did not leave the fashionable tabloids. For example, the girl often participated in social events and was engaged in the modeling business. Today she has American citizenship and is happily married to Enrique Iglesias. The couple has a three children — a son and a two daughters.

In October 2008, a naked Anna Kournikova-Iglesias flaunted on the cover of «Maxim» magazine. It is worth noting that the erotic photo shoot came out rather modest. For example, the former tennis queen posed in a variety of revealing bikinis. But at least she didn’t show her bare chest. However, this flaw was corrected by the nosy paparazzi. It was they who gave us spicy photos of the star from her vacation, in which you can admire the naked tits and pussy of a celebrity. All these and other hot photos, in which naked Anna Kournikova, see below.

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