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Private sexy photos of Alina Bulynko Russian actress from «Yolki» and «Love-Carrot» movies.

The future Russian celebrity was born in 1997, in Moscow. It is worth noting that the girl started ballet at the age of five. Her television debut was in 2004. However, it was not until 2008 that Alina became famous for her role as Sveta Golubeva in «Love Carrots 2» film. Her screen mother in the comedy was Christina Orbacaite. After that, the starlet appeared also in the continuation of this film. Another important project of her career was «Yolki» film series. Here she played Varya character. Alina appeared in twenty series and films totally. One of the last roles was in «Filatov» series.

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Until now, Bulynko has not appeared naked in the pages of the men’s magazines. Also, she does not yet have sex scenes in her film or series. But we were able to find erotic photo shoots of star in underwear and in swimsuit. And also, there’s sunshine and nude breasts. Below you can see all hot photos, with naked Alina Bulynko.

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